Emily Jagoda has lived in California since 1991.  A licensed architect since 2004, Jagoda has a M.Arch degree from SCI_Arc (1995) and a B.Arch from Columbia University (1990).

Described as a “white-hot neutron bomb of creativity” by the late critic and urban designer John Leighton Chase, Jagoda designs spaces that are simultaneously relevant, resilient, and unique.  Jagoda takes pride in designing projects that aren't easily identified with a particular decade. While rooted in modernist traditions in general, but influenced by vernacular and the charming, the aim is toward a more timeless architecture. Focussing on the space itself and the play of light within both work toward that aim as well.

Jagoda’s experience and inspiration is forged upon the same dynamic geography that inspired the California masters Gehry, Schindler, and Neutra.

Materials, mined for their inherent qualities and beauty, interplay with natural elements. Internal and external environments, artfully blended, result in living spaces that connect and inspire. Consideration of proportion and space is essential to Jagoda’s approach, as is the interaction and connection of public and private spheres. Jagoda believes that good lighting can make you happier, and that a simple and well-designed minimalist space can make you feel more calm.

Clients trust Jagoda to capably manage projects from design to delivery, including the myriad choices necessary to bring in a project on time and within budget.